Imagine living your life on your terms

We have just a few years on this planet, and they pass at a scary speed. Just think about your last five years.

Have those years taken you closer to fulfilling your dreams?

  • How much money did you have on your bank account 5 years ago?
  • How much do you have in your account today?

  • How much freedom did you have 5 years ago to do what you really wanted, every day?
  • How much time do you have today to do what you want? Can you afford it?

  • How was your energy and fitness level 5 years ago?
  • Has it improved in the last 5 years?

Money isn't everything, but it is the key to so many things in life

When money is not an issue, it is easier to focus on the more fulfilling things in your life.

Are you active on Social Media?

There is over one billion people on Instagram all over the world. All of them are interested in living a healthy life with time money and freedom to some level. But the fact is that most of them haven't found a way to achieve that. That is just one of all the Social Media platforms.

With our international business model, you can connect with many of them and attract them to the opportunity you represent.

Are you into sports and fitness?

If you are interested in sports and fitness on any level, you have a unique opportunity through our model to build a serious business locally offline or nationally and internationally online.

As personal trainer, athlete, sports coach or just an ambitious amateur you will get access to all the tools you need to fulfil your wildest dreams.

Do you know people in other countries?

You can be the person that inspire and motivate friends all over the world to take charge of their life and to start their journey towards a healthier and richer life.

Through our international business model you can build an organisation all over the world that can make all your dreams come true.

Do you want to support your local community?

If you want your own location where you can support people in your community, and be the person that change peoples life on a daily basis, you can open a Nutrition Club.

Thousands of members all over the world operate Nutrition Clubs that has become the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle in their neighborhood. Everything you need to open your own Nutrition Club is available from your first day as a member.

Are you a person that love to help others?

By starting to take care of yourself, you can then help others based on your own experiences.

You can become the person they need in their lives to make the necessary changes they need to live a healthier and richer life. More people than you can imagine need your help to come to terms with their situation.

Online and Offline Challenges

Through many kinds of online and offline challenges you can inspire hundreds and even thousands of people. Challenges are fantastic tools to motivate and inpire people to make lasting changes to improve their lives.

All the tools and trainings you need to get going are ready and are waiting for you.

After the divorce she lost everything

Lori called her sister and asked her to teach her about the Herbalife Nutrition business.

Latin dance school teachers

Satu and Roynet can pursue their dream with the dance school and combine it with being Herbalife Nutrition distributors.

This allows us to put family first

Elian and Octavio, through the Herbalife Nutrition Opportunity, have been able to put family first in any situation.

A single mother

Danni has found the opportunity that can improve her sports performance, in addition to time, money and freedom to be the best mum she can be.

What you need to do now

To start your journey with our international business model there are a few things you need to do.

  • First, you need to fill out the form on this website. Then you will be redirected to a short video that will explain the basics of the opportunity.

  • When you have watched the video, there will be several options on how you can proceed.

  • When you choose to become a Herbalife distributor and take part in the business opportunity, you will get access to a basic training programme that will help you get started.

  • The next step will be to introduce you to our support structure and the local, national and international trainings. With the help and support from your coach, you can build a serious business that suits you, whether that would be on a small local level or internationally.

There are no obligations connected to becoming a distributor. Just a fantastic opportunity to be your own boss and build a business as large as you want all over the world.

This is probably the best opportunity for regular people to take charge of their life and having the possibility to create freedom for themselves and their families.